The PPS Analytics platform allows physicians to identify and navigate patients based on personalized pathways and protocols, leading to clinical and economic value creation for independent physician practices.

CLEVELAND, January 24, 2024 – Specialty Networks, a provider of urology, gastroenterology, and rheumatology care performance and population management solutions for community-based specialty practices, has launched their technology and services platform, PPS Analytics, to United Rheumatology members. United Rheumatology was acquired by Specialty Networks in 2022.

PPS Analytics is an AI-enabled technology platform designed to help identify, navigate, and engage patients to improve adherence to clinical care pathways and protocols for diagnostics and therapeutic interventions. Additional applications include identifying patients for clinical trials or RWE study participation, enrolling patients in Principal or Chronic Care Management Programs, and identifying patients for in-house dispensing (IODs) or infusion therapies.

“The voice of our members has always guided us towards building innovative technology and tech-enabled solutions that create meaningful positive impact on patient outcomes,” said Shailendra Sharma, CEO of Specialty Networks. “We see a huge need for real-world data and AI-enabled technologies to assist independent rheumatology practices. These technologies are needed to identify, navigate, and engage their patients in pathway-driven, therapeutic, diagnostic and follow-up care interventions. We are quite excited to launch PPS Analytics to our United Rheumatology member practices.”

Backed by Clinical and Industry Experts­­­
PPS Analytics has been available to urology and uro-oncology practices for almost 10 years. Today, the PPS technology serves almost 3,000 urologists in their independent physician practices, providing actionable intelligence for several million patients who are being actively cared for by those physicians each year.

The launch of PPS Analytics for Rheumatology marks an exciting milestone for Specialty Networks and would not have been possible without the thought leadership and guidance from our respected Medical Policy Committee (MPC) members. MPC members advised PPS to aid in the development of unique AI algorithms to gain the most benefit from the real-world data that resides in electronic medical records, practice management, and other systems. 

“We’ve been searching for this for 10 years.”,
Dr. Kathleen Thomas from Rheumatology Associates, Indiana

“It really is amazing what you find when you start digging. Very helpful!”,
Dr. Gary Crump from Rheumatology Associates
, Kentucky

About Specialty Networks, LLC
Specialty Networks (SN) is an integrated, multi-specialty organization with GPOs, Life Sciences, and Research solutions in urology, gastroenterology, and rheumatology. SN solutions include AI-enabled population health management, patient engagement, clinical research, and workflow automation technologies to achieve Center of Excellence status in Standards of Care, Clinical Research, Practice Operations, and Value-based Care. SN leverages the Power of its Network, represented by over 11,000 providers, to help independent physician practices, industry, wholesalers/distributors, payers, and policymakers improve patient outcomes. Learn more about Specialty Networks at

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