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Services and Solutions

Your Practice Relations Manager (PRM) is a dedicated point of contact for you, helping answer your questions and concerns. They assist members in getting started with the company’s services by providing onboarding support and guiding you through the necessary steps. The PRMs also focus on maximizing the member’s use of the company’s benefits by understanding your unique needs and offering personalized recommendations. Their role is to ensure that members have a smooth experience and achieve the maximum value from the company’s products or services.

The Practice Solutions Plus (PSP) Team is a dedicated and experienced group of individuals committed to providing comprehensive support to its members. Functioning as an extension of your practice, the team possesses the necessary resources to ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently. While respecting your autonomy, Practice Solutions will actively alleviate the administrative burdens within your practice, streamline workflows, address billing challenges, and train your staff. With their expert assistance, you can successfully manage your business and enhance patient care, ultimately improving the overall office experience. Passionate about supporting Rheumatology Practices, PSP is equally capable of assisting established practices or guiding the establishment of new ones. Their services encompass optimizing existing EMR and Practice Management Systems, monitoring accounts receivable, handling prior authorizations, payor credentialing, conducting monthly financial reviews, providing staffing solutions, and assisting with inventory management.

Clinical Pathways

United Rheumatology member-developed, voluntarily adopted Clinical Pathways establish best practices for patient care across a spectrum of rheumatologic conditions. Written by and for practicing community-based rheumatologists, our Pathways combine academic rigor with practicality. They were designed considering the needs of payors and other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

United University

Administrative Documents

United Rheumatology’s Practice Solutions team has curated downloadable documents to assist in improving operational efficiencies. These documents include policies, procedures, and guidelines that provide clear instructions and standards for various tasks and processes. By having easy access to such documents, employees can quickly refer to them whenever they need clarification or guidance, saving time and reducing errors. Moreover, these administrative documents also promote consistency and uniformity in the office’s operations, leading to increased productivity and effectiveness. If there is another type of document you need, that is not included here, schedule a call with the Practice Solutions Team for next steps.

Webinar Recordings

Medcurity Webinars

In 2022 these occurred once a month; in 2023 they occur quarterly.