Specialty networks Infusion Optimization

Add or enhance infusion services within your organization.

In-Office Infusion Optimization

Whether your practice is currently providing in-office infusion services or looking to do so, Specialty Networks members can consult with our Infusion Optimization Team to assess your practice’s operational needs and develop customized strategic plans to add or enhance infusion services within your organization.

 In-office infusion is a key ancillary service offered by many independent practices across the country and while the provider’s office remains the preferred site for infusion care, it is a complex service line to manage and oversee with significant impacts on the practice. Our data-driven, consultative approach helps our GPO members optimize infusion operations and increase infusion proficiencies, keeping with our mission of helping healthcare providers remain independent while improving patient outcomes by getting each patient to the right care at the right time.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Track the lifecycle of patients from initial encounter to final payment

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